Friday, August 20, 2010

Foodie Feature: Mike's Garlic + Basil Naan Pizza

This is a great and fun recipe if you're home alone or not super hungry, or well... you're like me and you really just fail at all things cooking related. There's NO cooking involved! Except a small stint in the oven just to melt/toast it all! Even I can do that, people! So I know you can, too! Mike is a pizza LOVER! I mean LOVER. And I am not really a fan all that much so this was a nice compromise for the two of us. It's really yummy and so so simple! The rest is allllll Mike! Enjoy!

Garlic + Basil Naan Pizza


  • Fresh mozzarella (not the stuff in a bag. look for it in a package in the deli area. it will clearly say "fresh mozzarella."
  • Fresh basil
  • A pack of garlic naan bread
  • A jar of you favorite tomato sauce (I used "fire roasted tomato and garlic")
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Ground black pepper
  • A tall frosty beer for the chef (totally optional)

Garlic + Basil Naan Pizza

Step one:
Lay out your desired number of naan breads on a baking sheet. (Cooking these on a baking sheet will yield a soft chewy crust with crispy edges while cooking them directly on the rack will result in a crust that is crispy all the way through. I prefer them on a baking sheet but you decide what's right for you) use a pastry brush or a clean set of hands to brush the bread with a light coat of olive oil. After the olive oil I usually toss on just a pinch of black pepper.

Garlic + Basil Naan Pizza

Step two:
Take your tomato sauce and use a spoon to spread it evenly around the top of the bread leaving just a little bit of a border on the outside so you have a nice crust when it's done. Now take some of your basil (not all of it) and sprinkle it evenly on top of the tomato sauce.

Garlic + Basil Naan Pizza

Step three:
Take your shredded mozzarella and spread in evenly on top of your pizza. use as much or as little as you like. Sometimes the fresh mozzarella is a little tough to grate. the best way to do it is to used the big holed sized of the grater and use light pressure. It's ok that it crumbles apart (and it will) because you can use all those crumbles too. It's just cheese and it's all going to look the same after it spends a little time in the oven.

Garlic + Basil Naan Pizza

Step four:
Take the rest of your basil and spread it out evenly on top of the cheese. Now really really really lightly drizzle olive oil over the whole thing and then crack some pepper on top of it just to finish it off.

Step five:
Place your pizza(s) in an oven that has been preheated to 350. let it cook for about 12-15 minutes. You're looking for melted cheese and a golden brown edge on the crust.

Garlic + Basil Naan Pizza

Step six:

We served our Naan pizzas with a side of vegetables. This is completely optional of course! 

Side of Vegetables

Let us know if you decide to try it!


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