Friday, August 20, 2010

Outfit Post : Friday, August 20 + Thrifted!

Mike and I woke up this morning with the only plan of the day: adventure. We were going to set out and play with our new toys (read: films and cameras and what not) but the day went a bit differently (but still fun!). We headed to Urban Outfitters to spend our plethora of giftcards but were sorely saddened by the lack of fun home goods. Instead I snagged a dress and ruffled vest and Mike got some film (of course he did). Afterwards we decided to hit up the Goodwill Outlet store in Berry Hill. Good thing we did! We snagged some lovely items! Today's haul included: 2 Polaroid one-step cameras (yes, I know.. more!), 1 Polaroid Swinger Model 2 camera, a few bags (including a cool camera bag for Mike!), a Royal Traveler Carry-all, a sweet suitcase, etc. The typewriter came in the mail today via our win on Ebay! Isn't she pretty? We're going to try to get a replacement Royal emblem but other than that, she's perfect! I also snagged a burnt-orange peacoat and a sweet mustard-yellow military-style jacket. They both have awful shoulder pads (as pictured) but I'm going to rip them out shortly! I can't wait to welcome Autumn with fun bold colors!

Thrifted Haul!
Thrifted! Two Polaroids
Thrifted! Polaroid Swinger Model 2
Thrifted! Royal Traveler Carryall
Vintage Typewriter
Thrifted! Orange Peacoat
Thrifted! Orange Peacoat
Thrifted! Orange Peacoat
Thrifted! Yellow Jacket
Thrifted! Yellow Jacket

Today's outfit:
Kaelah Outfit 8.20.10
Kaelah Outfit 8.20.10
dress: forever 21 $25, cardigan: forever 21 $23, belt: ?, flats: kmart $13

We came home and I worked on some stuff for the 'zine that some lovely ladies and I are doing, and now I'm waiting to get ready for work! Phew! It's been a busy day and there's so much more to do tomorrow! Mike's step-sister, Laine, and her friend are coming up tomorrow to spend the night I guess. I'm supposed to work but I'm going to see if I can't take off and hang out with them instead. (shh!) I know I only work 2 nights a week, but sometimes they're just THE most inconvenient nights EVER! 

Hope you all have a lovely Friday night!


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