Friday, August 13, 2010

Outfit Post: Friday, August 13

Ooh la la! Friday the 13th is upon us! I wish I could spend the day in line getting a sweet 13 tattoo to commemorate (as I promised myself I would), but it seems the day found me a bit unaware and unprepared, so instead, I'll be doing housework and preparing to go to work. Exciting, right? More on that later.

This morning Mike and I ventured around our neighborhood a bit as I directed him to what appeared to be a hidden, abandoned barn (my favorite! AND it was red!). He was a bit surprised I knew it was there but I saw the roof of it one day while driving and had been wanting to pop over ever since. We took a wrong turn while walking and we ended up walking through too much sunlight, too much heat, and too many bugs/itchy grass. Once we finally found our way to the barn, we were both drenched in sweat and ready to go home. We shot a few images, but not nearly as many as usual. Most of them are sweat-laden and just... not flattering. Here are a few. Hopefully we can go back over one day either at dusk or really early in the morning before the heat sets in! (By the way, I get asked a lot how I manage to wear tights and cardigans in the middle of Tennessee summers and I just want to clarify in case any of you still wonder that, too. Honestly, I wear this out and about to run errands like grocery shopping or to run to the gas station, etc. but I don't hold up too well in the heat so I stick to air conditioning! I don't stay outside for extended periods of time until the sun has set a little bit [we take Georgia to the dog park every day around 6:30pm]. Today was a testament to that because I realized just how miserable it is outside. Autumn, hurry up! I don't recommend sporting these outfits if you're outside a lot haha!)

Kaelah Outfit 8.13.10
Found: barn
Kaelah Outfit 8.13.10

{Outfit Details o8.13.1o}
{Dress: Forever 21 $24}
{Cardigan: Target $15}
{Tights: Walmart $12}
{Flats: Kmart $13}
{Belt: I have no clue}

Speaking of running errands, I need to go do just that. I have a laundry list of things I need to be doing such as: develop several rolls of film (some found in the vintage cameras we bought!), wash another load of dishes (or seven), clean up this messy messy house, vacuum, clean my studio, get Georgia some exercise, go to the grocery store, head to Target, work on Etsy stuff to open my shop back up, order my books for this semester, get ready for work, then go to work tonight. The list is never ending it seems. I wish I had better time management skills. Hmm... Anyway, there are a few more pictures after the jump! They're pretty much exactly the same so I won't blame you for not clicking haha. I forgot to get detail shots anyway!

Kaelah Outfit 8.13.10
Kaelah Outfit 8.13.10


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