Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

Everything about this is absolutely perfect. I love the usage of a shrug with her wedding dress. It brings it back down to a bit of casual. The table centerpieces are fabulously coordinated and the groomsmen look positively wonderful. The lovely bride makes me miss my dark chestnut hair, too! 

You can actually see more of this wedding by visiting photographer Jill Thomas' blog and CLICKING HERE. I'm in awe of Jill's ability to capture the slightest of moments that really make a story. She shoots with an array of equipment like holgas, polaroids, and other film variations. Can I say I have a new favorite wedding photographer? I'll be watching her work from here on out, that's for sure! 

Amazingly styled inspiration shoot hailing from Tennessee's own Knoxville. I'm in love with the shabby chic details and homage to the south with the cotton bouquets!


I thought I'd take a second to address something left in my FormSpring a bit ago. Last week maybe? Someone had asked why I feature weddings from other sources rather than ask my readers to submit their own... well, the answer is simple: time. I don't have time to wade through a plethora of wonderful wedding emails and even if I did, I'd find it far too hard to pick from them. While I think this is a wonderful idea, and hope that I can do it at some point in the future, I simply lack the time to poll potential features and do it that way. 

Someone else went as far as to say that it's "annoying" how I do weekly features instead of updating about my personal life everyday. While I do enjoy doing personal entries, I do not feel like my blog would benefit from having solely me in the spotlight. That was never my intention for this blog and it never will be. If you do not like the weekly features, feel free to skim over them and only read what interests you (afterall, that is your right). However, my features will not stop any time in the near future and I am not always out doing lavish, exciting things. I don't want to update my blog with "well, I sat in my room all day today. I watched a few things on tv. Then I took a shower." That's just boring! 

With that being said, here is the Weekly Wedding Question! Will you (or did you) have all of your bridesmaids wear  matching dresses and shoes? Hair and makeup? Or are you more a fan of individual looks in the same realm/style?

My answer: I'd like my bridesmaids to ideally wear different dresses, but all in the same color scheme. This goes for shoes as well. I like the personality! 


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