Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Outfit Post : Wednesday, July 28

Today's outfit consists of a dress that I've loved for years but thought that it clashed too much with my half sleeve after I got it about 3 years ago. I'm glad I got over this phase though because this dress is one of my all-time absolute favorites! I love the pale yellow and white with the gingham pattern and the sweet scalloped lace at the top. Ah! It's the perfect silhouette too! I've been playing it safe with my black cardigan as of late (I'm seriously so well known for my black cardigan... I need to branch out!) but I'll be happy to have all of my clothes out of boxes and suitcases this weekend! Mike and I shot some photos before heading to Lawrenceburg so he could get his brother's Saab and head to Brentwood to work. I came back to my parents' house and am trying to round up what we need for the house and all that jazz. We will have cable, wifi and electric on Friday! 

Mike's parents are being so kind and buying us a bed. I'm so so grateful for both of our parents' unwaivering support for us through the whole flood ordeal. I know so many families are still struggling months after the whole thing and I'm excited to see a little bit of normality and stability implemented into our daily lives. I really can't wait to get into our new place! The day after tomorrow! How exciting! Here are some more photos. Note how cute Mike looks today, too! And that silly photo of Baby G! I love our little family. (PS, I smiled with my teeth today! Hello little not-so-perfect smile!)

{Outfit Details o7.28.1o}
{Dress: No clue, it's old!}
{Cardigan: H&M ($18)}
{Flats: KMart ($13)}


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