Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily Photo

Today's Daily Photo is just a repost of an outfit photo from earlier... except its the photoshopped version next to the raw version. Someone commented in my FormSpring about it looking "too" unnatural, and at first I took a little offense to the statement, thinking "uh... it's just a picture! who cares?!" but then to try and prove a point, I took the raw, straight-from-the-camera image and juxtapozed it with the 13+ bump in contrast & 3+ bump in brightness (with a vignette) and I was eating my words. I realized HOW unnatural it looked! Oh my gosh! FACE:PALM!

I went on to explain to someone else how a similar thing happened in person on Friday. Friday I got ready to fly back to Nashville, did my makeup, hopped on the train, got into LGA and then headed to the restroom before my flight. In the restroom, in totally different lighting, I realized that my blush was literally BEAMING off of my face! It was SO BRIGHT! (Think "Strangers With Candy" ridiculous!) I was so embarrassed for myself, but luckily no one who had seen me that day even knew me, so whatever! I fixed it and went about my day. (And vowed to not use such over-the-top blush!)

I figured this photo would make for a good "lesson learned" daily photo! I knew the photo was incredibly exaggerated, but I didn't realize HOW exaggerated until it was beside the natural thing. It's like I was experimenting and then experimenting some more and before you know it, I've got a picture that could probably glow in the dark! I typically like contrasted photos with vignettes (check my entire Flickr photostream... every outfit photo just about has a vignette). But the difference is that they're much more subtle. Apparently I threw subtlety out the window today! WOO HOO! REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, Y'ALL!

HA! Anyway, lesson learned! No more of that ridiculousness, I promise! ;) And to the anon that brought their feelings to my attention, sorry if I was a bit quick to temper. I realize you had my best interests at heart and I can definitely respect that! 

Anyway, that's my daily photo for today! (Maybe I'm just lazy and didn't take any others? Yeah... probably.) BTW, I felt the need to reiterate that I'm not upset! I promise haha I'm not mad or angry or anything like that. This post was to agree and acknowledge something that as a designer I found to be silly on my part. :) 

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