Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daily Photo

I firmly believe the picture I posted the other day in my "Positive" entry... the one about liking people who smile when it rains. Today was a dreary and damp day in the city, but it was a breath of fresh air from the 102 degree heat and I welcomed the breeze with open arms. Today made Manhattan feel like a coastal town and I was dreaming of my toes in the sand and a swift gulf breeze. It's pretty safe to say I'm going to direct us to a sleepy little coastal town in the future. The rain brought some humanity back into New York today. The cement jungle often feels like a big robotic universe all it's own... but something today made it feel a little more humane. A little more forgiving to the creatures navigating their way through the place. I say bring it on! Oh, and guess what?! In 7 minutes it will be midnight here... making it officially Thursday. Then I can say I will be home "a week from tomorrow!" A WEEK FROM TOMORROW! Okay.. so I guess technically I still have to say "a week from the day after tomorrow" and I won't be there until 7:10pm... but 7:10pm SHARP! I'm going to make sure that plane is on time! I miss you something fierce. [CLICK HERE to see Mike's Daily Photo.]


PS; For those of you who do not know... The Daily Photo is a way that my boyfriend Mike and I can stay connected and up-to-date with the little things in each others' lives as we are currently 1,000 miles apart. There's a lot of land between New York City and Tennessee so we take one photo every day that we're apart and we write each other a little blurb. It makes the distance a little more bearable.

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