Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Baby Ear...

This might sound like a weird title... Dear Baby Ear... okay, on second though, that IS a weird title... but hear me out! (Baby Ear is a term of endearment that Mike and I have grown fond of using when referring to my right ear.) I've had stretched ears for a very very long time. Around the bend comes the new year of 2009. My ears are sitting pretty at 5/8" and I'm ready to size up to 3/4"... Well, the stretch goes great and all is fine and well... then a nice little tug happens the next day on freshly stretched lobes with tunnels... and my ear is bleeding. I took my jewelry out completely as to let it heal properly, but it's version of healing was closing up completely. Several years of work down the drain. For 13 months I had a 3/4" (and shortly thereafter it became a 1") plug and a nothing... Not even a little hole. I gave it plenty of time to heal up nice and to let the scar tissue do what it needed to do, and then upon discovering a tiny 18g hole remaining, I decided to stretch once more. Stretching scar tissue is a very tricky process, but luckily there was little to none on my ear! Brilliant! My ear managed to retain it's elasticity (and then some!) and everything just wanted to slide right through. Half a year later, my baby ear is twins with my big ear at 1"! This is a day of celebration! 

While I never minded rocking one large lobe, it's nice to have two that match again. I do NOT recommend, under any circumstances, stretching from 18g to 1" in just 6 months! My ear practically stretched on its own. Please note that my ear did amazing things and I can't even explain it, but I NEVER pushed my ear past a certain point! I was safe with taping and I never stretched if it "hurt" and NEVER EVER did it ever bleed! Please research how to stretch properly before ruining your pretty little ears! Feel free to ask questions below or in my FormSpring if you have any!

My left ear (the "big" ear) can easily fit a 1 and 1/8" or 1 1/4" plug in it, but I'll buy those once my baby ear decides it'll like to go larger.

It's a bit ridiculous to devote an entire post to my silly little baby ear, but you cannot imagine the amount of joy I had when my little white plug (with 1 1/8" flares!) went in perfectly. 

Baby ear, you are very special.

top: big ear. bottom: baby ear.

Discussion: Stretched piercings (like tattoos) aren't for everyone, I know. But for those of you who fancy them, Do you have any stretched piercings? If so, what and what size? Do you plan to go bigger? Do you feel like there is a certain point when it's no longer attractive? And, do you plan on having them sewn up at any time?

I guess it's only fair for me to answer as well. The only piercings I have that are stretched are my ears, though I plan to stretch to at least 1 1/4" or  1 1/2". I love stretched ears, and when done properly, I think ones exceeding 2 inches can look great, though they're not for me. As a body modification fan, I can appreciate and respect those who decide to stretch other piercings (such as nostrils, labrets, medusas, etc) and I can appreciate the cultural context and history that those piercings have, but they're also just not for me. I will probably have my ears sewn up at some point, though I am unsure of when that time will be. It hopefully won't be for a very very long time (if ever) so I'm not too concerned with it at this point. :)


PS; No rude or hateful comments will be tolerated here. Please do not pick fights with any of the commenters or with me. If you do not agree with stretching or body modification, we respect your opinion but malicious comments are not welcome. (This hasn't happened, don't worry! I'm just trying to be proactive rather than reactive!)

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