Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tattoo Tuesday

Today I'm focusing solely on Traditional Tattoos as they're my most favorite style. All of the ones featured have click-through sources.

I know everyone doesn't like tattoos, but for those of you who do, what is your favorite style and why? American Traditional, Neo-Traditional, Japanese, Realistic, Abstract, etc? Can't wait to hear!


PS; For those who didn't notice, I now have a Facebook Fan Page for Little Chief Honeybee! You can click over on the left-hand sidebar to become a fan! (I don't know how I honestly feel about this, but it was a blogger workbook suggestion and I thought I'd try it! My Facebook friends aren't my usual audience so hopefully I don't end up deleting it! haha By the way, if you try to add me on Facebook and I don't know you personally or you don't send me a message, I won't add you! I'm contemplating deleting anyone I don't know in real life, simply because I hate Facebook and I never use the darn thing anyway!)

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