Saturday, July 31, 2010

1Aeon Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations Megan!

Please email me so you can claim your prize!!

and to everyone else, thanks for being patient with me this weekend as we move and get settled into our new place! It's been a busy busy busy past 28 hours and we have to paint paint paint, move move move and drive drive drive (plus unpack, situate, organize, and shop!) so I'm going to be slammed. 

If you follow me on twitter, you also may know that I dropped my Nikon last night and busted the lens. (Well, it's pretty much jammed beyond repair because it'd take 2+ months to fix and I'm not having that!) So Mike and I just bought a new lens via the internet and it'll be here in the next week or so. Until then... I guess it'll be iPhone and disposable cameras once more! :( I was just getting the hang of the outfit photos, too! Don't worry, I'll try to figure something out for the time being. (Oh, and we just realized our Flip cam is broken :( Fail!) There's a lot going wrong but we're so so excited to be in our new house and I can't wait to share all of the photos with you! Thanks for being awesome!


PS; Last chance to snag a sponsor spot for the month of August! I only have one spot left of each the small and the large! Email me at if you'd like more info or to buy one! (You can see my stats and traffic by clicking HERE! Though it needs to be updated!)

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