Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hooray for Mail!

A few things I've recieved over the past couple of days! I just received all of my postcards from NYC in a box of stuff I shipped here so I will postcards out to all of y'all who have sent them to me in a few days! As for return packages, I'm working on them but most will probably go out next week! You guys are the best!

A lovely goodie basket from Emily! (I'm eating the sucker right now! Strawberry + Creme is my FAVORITE! Check out that adorable shark sand animal! Eep! 

An owl painting from Ali Spagnola! Check out Ali's site! She does a painting a day and gives it away to a new home! I waited a hot minute for mine but I was thrilled when it finally arrived! You can take a peek at the other ones she does, too! 

A lot of postcards and 11 Urban Outfitters giftcards via Shop It To Me!

An amazing package from Laura C! The playlist is FANTASTIC! It's Tennessee themed for the most part, but I'm thinking I should share it with y'all because you'll probably love it even if you've never been to TN! 

and the sweetest thing ever... After Mike left for work, I opened my computer and found this:

I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life! 


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