Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daily Photo

Today's Daily Photo(s) will be explained one by one. I went a little crazy with it today. I just haven't had time for a legitimate entry! Oops! Enjoy a little insight into the madness that is my daily life! 

lobby of my apartment
headed to the 9th floor. home!
the hallway which smells different every day.
home sweet home in the 9.2.6
buzzer outside of the BUST headquarters
awaiting the elevator at work
to the BUSTy office on the 9th floor!
werkin'! and yes, i hate my handwriting
mmm, lunch via cafe 28
the wireless went down for a bit again today
view of the office from my desk
liz & i celebrated my last night with joan rivers: a piece of work and dinner at red bamboo (that's my vegan "chicken" parm sandwich and spring roll!)
a photo of me by Gabe (shirt by Gabe/1Aeon, too!)

Tomorrow I fly home to Tennessee! Man oh man! I had a really wonderful time this summer in the city. Thanks to everyone who came to meet and hang out with me! Especially Liz and Lisa! Y'all are fantastic ! Now for everyone in/around Nashville, you better make plans! I need some fun new lady franzzzz to come kick it at our place! [CLICK HERE to see Mike's Daily Photo]

BTW, I saw a few people saying they're going to do the Daily Photo thing now, too! Who all is doing it?! Let me know so I can be sure I'm following you to keep up!

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