Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Favorite: Teacups!

The one thing I collect aside from shark memorabilia is teacups. I love the dainty, feminine look of a really cute and ornate teacup (which is the absolute polar opposite of a shark!). I'd have them sitting on shelves, hanging from hooks, stacked, and hosting an array of votive candles but I lost all of them in the flood in May. Sad day! BUT! I'm definitely going to build my collection up once more and have them decorate our new place just to be sure it has a touch of femininity. I cannot wait to sport my teacup and teapot tattoos, too! Ooh la la! Mike is big on sweet teapots so we might just have to invest in one from Teavana for our new humble abode! Onward with the photos!

(all photos via weheartit)

So sorry for posting this so late in the day! It was a whirlwind of getting to Brooklyn and shooting some photos with new shirts for 1Aeon and then Liz and I headed to the Fred Flare store and yadda yadda yadda! Don't worry, I have photos coming soon! As well as in-further-detail post!


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