Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily Photo

This morning Mike whisked me over to the grocery store to pick up some cereal, an apple, and a little pizza that I was going to make for lunch because both of my parents work and he had my car since his needs to be worked (and I don't know how to drive a stick) so I was stuck at home by my lonesome all day and there's literally no food I could eat here. He left for work and I settled in for the day. Cereal was an epic fail and lunch rolled around so I was going to attempt to make that pizza. Something distracted me and I totally blanked on the pizza in the oven and didn't know until it was 15 minutes past the end time. Luckily our house wasn't up in flame (or even smoke) but I opened the oven to find a beyond-charred sorry excuse for a pizza. I managed to burn my knee pretty bad as I tried to close the oven, and I just ended up with a blistered finger, too. I had to keep an icepack on my leg for most of the day. Needless to say, by the end of it, I was still starving. 

Then, to make matters worse, tendonitis set up in my right hand/wrist and I was in tears for the better part of the afternoon. Mom gave me a pain pill for it because it was excruciating. I had a bad experience with a Lortab when I was 16 and broke my hand in the car door. I took one and became pretty deathly ill. I swore to never take one again. Even when I was bit by the camel. I refused any pain pills and opted for heavy-duty ibuprofen. Well, I took a Darvocet and the pain started to subside from my hand, but all of a sudden I was doubled over in awful awful stomach pains. I was nauseated, then I was pouring sweat, then I was dizzy and shaking. I still feel sickly (tummy ache like crazy) so again.... 6 years later... I stand by my words and say NEVER AGAIN! My body just does not react well to things like that. I just hope this awful stomach ache goes away :( 

Look at this poor excuse for a pizza! I hope I learn to cook before I'm a wife/mom! Good thing I've got Mike!


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