Thursday, July 29, 2010

Outfit Post : Thursday, July 29

Today is going to be a busy day. We woke up and ventured out to take some photos at that abandoned house and my hair is all sorts of ridiculous. More so than usual! My red shampoo was in a box from NYC to Tennessee until yesterday (with my dry shampoo too!) so I was forced to use my mom's shampoo this week. Well, pair that with some intense Tennessee humidity and this is what you get. My hair is never in the "middle"... it's always really dry (ugh!) or really oily (bummer!). Luckily my dry shampoo is a miracle worker, but I've been without it for almost a week! I haven't had hairspray since Thursday of LAST WEEK! AHHH! If you know me at all you'll know I don't do much (if anything) to my hair, so not having my typical products is really throwing my hair for a loop. But I'm thinking about doing an olive oil rinse today (which will make it even greasier for a day or two) or doing a leave-in conditioner overnight (my CHI stuff was also in my box!) Phew! I'm going to start packing things up today (books and dvds, etc) and we are moving in the morning! We're going to head down to Lawrenceburg to get our new tv stand and bookcase before heading to our new house. Then Mike is going to go down to L'burg and finish painting our dressers at some point. We also have to get a bed and mattress at some point! It's going to be a busy weekend so I'll try not to neglect the little blog! Anyway, here are some photos. BTW, no cardigan today! Haha

{Outfit Details o7.29.1o}
{Dress: Forever 21, several years ago}
{Belt: From another dress}
{Flats: KMart ($13)}


PS; Someone came out of NOWHERE and all of a sudden has 75+ votes on the Soap and Glory contest! Meaning I'm behind by like 10! (This chick legit had like 5 votes yesterday! haha) Please VOTE FOR ME if you have a second! I promise I'll stop talking about it when it's over (which is in a day and a half!) I'd realllllllly appreciate it! CLICK HERE if you'd like to vote for me!

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