Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily Photo

Sadly the daily photos have started once more. But in a way, it's also exciting because there will be no need for them in just 17 short days. 17! Wow! That's so crazy! Anyway... my photo...

So for those of you who are unaware... NYC experienced hell today. I mean literally... HELL. It was 102 degrees! ONE HUNDRED AND TWO DEGREES, PEOPLE! (I know this is nothing compared to some parts of the country... but this is New York City!) I had a sweat spot on my back from my backpack this morning! Ugh! Anyway, this was hanging in my apartment building and holy balls... a brownout?! (Apparently Wiki claims a brownout is like a blackout, except instead of a power outage, the lights go dim?! IDK, take it up with Wiki!). This lets you know how legit serious the heat was today. It was unbearable. And it's going to be just as hot tomorrow! Holy crap! It's amazing that it's cooler in Miami! Sheeeeeesh! Okay well, Mike, I miss you. But really.. 17 days. Awesome!


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