Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

I love the subtle yellow accent of this wedding. I think my ladyfriend Merissa would be tickled that the bride sported Toms on her big day! (Merissa is interning at Toms in California this summer!)

I really should have narrowed this down to just a few photos but I couldn't! They're so dreamy! Using urban NYC as a backdrop for a vintage inspired shoot! Swoon! And her DRESS! If anyone knows where that fabulous frock came from, let a girl know! 

You cannot deny the fabulousness of the bride's dress! And how about the groom's blue suit?! The contrast is so striking!

Excuse me whlie I fangirl for a moment. I am in awe of this wedding. No, not because it's of the lovely Mat Kearney (whose music I absolutely adore), and no, it's not because it took place in my darling little town of Franklin (although it makes for the most picturesque wedding), and it's not even because Mat shot the most fantastic wedding video at Tec & Chelsea's wedding a couple of years ago (I'll embed it below!)... the real reason is because this entire affair is absolutely mesmerizing just to look at. What a beautiful couple and what a beautiful ceremony. (Chelsea did the veil and flowers, while Tec shot the wedding! How great to have such fabulous friends!) And the video Mat shot of the Petaja wedding (Tec and Chelsea's) in 2008: 

Time for the Weekly Wedding Question! This week, I want to know what your favorite STYLE of wedding is! Are you a gal who like a romanticized Southern gathering or are you down with weddings on the beach or even destination weddings? Prefer an urban backdrop or an antique church? What is your dream setting?

I guess I should answer this, too! For me (if you haven't been able to tell), I'm alllll about a dreamy southern outdoor wedding with lots of DIY type things and crafty decorations. I'm not sure I want a sit-down menu-reception. I think I'd prefer finger foods and a yummy sweets bar. Twinkle lights and mason jars everywhere. Lemonade and sweet tea for everyone. Rustic, vintage, and southern. Bring it on!


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