Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daily Photo

Today's Daily Photo (or six) is a little bit of a deeper look into my daily life. Well, sort of. So many things happened today that I didn't photograph. Like the intern going-away party for Nicole and I (though my last day is actually tomorrow) and the insanely sweaty effort of Liz and I to get 120+ pounds of stuff to USPS and UPS before closing (via a big clunky blue SVA bin on bum wheels!) and maybe even the one-and-one-quarter-slice of pizza I ate after the gym (counterproductive much?). Either way, today was a good day. The first photo was a stack of full boxes in my room earlier today. Now there's literally nothing. Eh, I have 2 pillows and a sheet... and a stack of dresses I forgot to ship. Guess I get to do that tomorrow night! The rest of the photos are: my computer at work, my lunch (mmm, brussel sprouts!), my swag bag via the going away party (I'll post the goodies inside tomorrow!), the hallway/elevators on my floor, and my little friend: the elliptical bike. Exciting, no? (Again, all photos via CrossProcess for my iPhone.) With that being said, what are some of your favorite iPhone apps?! [CLICK HERE to see Mike's Daily Photo. and follow him!]


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