Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ivy Vines and Tan Lines

Would you believe me if I told you that I really loved this area that we shot pictures? This is, again, the same place as Country Cabin Bumpkin and Dandelion Seed! I have a knack for changing clothes in the car. We shot a lot of outfit photos this day so I could have some stuff to hold me over while I was galavanting around Chicago! (We're back, by the way! Got in last night and we were pooped!) We came home a day early as we had a ton of things to deal with and the pile keeps growing higher! We're about to head out and go pick up our girls at my parents' house a few hours away. We had every intention of driving down last night but after 11.5 hours in the car and traveling, I wanted to just sit still.

If you like this dress and want it for yourself, you can grab it up at Kaelah's Closet! I listed it this morning as I got a longer one. It's a size 3 but it magically fit me so it's not like it's a skin-tight body con dress or anything. I have so many fun things to share on the blog this week! I hope I can play catch up quick enough to get to the "picture an hour" bit I did on Saturday and such! I'm going to be hard at work on Hive + Honey stuff on Wednesday and Thursday. It's taken a bit of a backseat these past couple of weeks and I'm ready to churn out some good things! I've got another headband mock-up in the works so hopefully I like it enough to add to the inventory! I've been loving all of the emails and tweets I've been getting with y'all rocking your headpieces! I can't wait to share more of those soon, too!

Man, I wish blog posts just wrote themselves. That'd be nice, yeah? ;) Happy Tuesday!

City Triangles dress
Target cardigan
H&M bike shorts
Blowfish shoes (15% off with code BFKAELAH15)

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