Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zig Zag Lemonade

Very few photos of this outfit as I was going to be late for work so I was rushing out the door. These were shot inside our loft against the big white brick wall we have to the right. We just moved our floor length mirror to snap a couple quick shots. I didn't like how most of them turned out but I actually really like this outfit so I guess we'll try again at some point! I've become pretty enamored with clashing patterns. I know the subject of "outfit repeating" has been popping up in the blogosphere the past couple of weeks and I'm proud to say I'm a notorious repeater. Sometimes I really just like an outfit a whole lot, so I wear it bunches. I try not to post them on here too much but I'll make an exception for this one in a while! Pip wanted to say hello, too! There were a few photos with Georgia but she's about 55 pounds and a bit heavy for me to hold! I actually wore this outfit to work on Friday night. I wasn't in the mood to wear jeans and I've misplaced my work shirt for the past 3 weeks or so. Dresses it was! I liked wearing a dress so much that I wore one again on Saturday! I just throw on a pair of H&M lace-trimmed bike shorts and voila! I'm pretty positive everyone at work just thinks my Spanx are hanging out haha! Oops!

Can I just say how much I love you guys?! All of the wonderful comments on my Taking a Breather post were incredible! So many of you actually reached out and emailed me, too! I'm truly lucky to have as many lovely people around me like all of you! The "staycation" of sorts was so great that I'm going to plan on doing it regularly! Not having to worry about what I'm posting on the blog that day really really does wonders for ones mood and attitude! I can just schedule up some posts and no one is the wiser! ;) It'll definitely come in handy these next two weeks which will be incredibly busy. And by incredibly busy I mean the whole first week will be spent in the pool while Mike and I house/puppysit for my parents who are going on a trip. Then we have a fun little mini-adventure that I can't wait to share with you all! The hard part will be keeping it a secret. I've already told a few people like Susannah and Jess! (I'm awful at secrets. Seriously. Don't tell me things.)

During the house/puppysitting time, Mike and I will be fastening and shooting and listing all of the new pieces coming to the shoppe! They include fabric bows, bow clips, bow headbands, felt bows, etc! Bows galore! And of course making more fascinators! I've started to notice a trend in which ones sell the quickest and which ones people ask for so feel free to chime in below if you'd like to see more of one color or style, etc! I've got some errands to go run! xo

City Triangles dress via Ross
H&M cardigan
Blowfish flats (15% off with code BFKAELAH15)
Hive+Honey handmade fascinator (15% off with code PUPPYLUV)

PS; Thank you all for the sweet words about Georgia, too! Her incredibly expensive (but super effective) eye ointment has worked wonders the past 4 days! The infection appears to be all gone! No drainage and no inflammation! It was so totally worth it. She looks happy again! Now to tackle those ears and hairloss! xo

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