Friday, June 3, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Sweet Sleepy Pups

There is no doubt that my life revolves around these two pudgy pups. The amount of love I have for them is totally immeasurable and indescribable. I can't even begin to imagine the overwhelming love I will have for our kids once we decide to expand our family. I cannot fathom it being bigger than this. You always hear new moms saying "I never thought I could love something so much" but I get it... I totally get it. That's exactly how I feel about Pipkin and Georgia. Silly maybe, but I take my role as puppy mom seriously. There's nothing I wouldn't do for those sweet faces. Just look at them! 

Speaking of... I've worked up a fabulous tribute tattoo for Georgia! Yes, I know, I'm getting a tattoo for my dog. I know some of you are side-eyein' me right now but it just seems fitting! (Just wait until you see it... ha!) I'm not sharing what it'll be (only a few people know) but it's fantastic. And so special in it's own way! Pipkin will undoubtedly get one, too. Don't worry! No favoritism here, folks! Now to make the appointment...

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