Sunday, June 5, 2011

Indiana Jones and the Great Wedge

Yesterday was a quiet day in our household. We shot these early on in the day before we ran out for errands and the like. Mike is (currently) playing assistant photog at a wedding today so we had to go get him so nice dress khakis. Is it weird that I've never even seen him dressed up before?! I did a shameful job on temp-hemming his pants but they'll do for now! He looked dapper in his blue button up and brown woven belt! Swoon! Anyway, This dress is another from Ross (I think?). It doesn't have a tag anywhere on the inside so I'm assuming I got it there. I don't even know what brand it is. I love it though! The hat is a Nine West piece but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

Thanks for all the sweet comments about me as a blonde! I love how real and natural it looks. (Read: yes, it's a wig!). I found it yesterday in a deep drawer of my vanity and decided to test it out. I was pleasantly surprised! I would've shared that it was a wig sooner but I wanted to get your reactions first! I piddled around on Ebay for a while to see if I could find it, and while I can't find the actual listing that I remember, this one is incredibly similar! After all of that Wig Drama-Rama that went down I stopped wearing my pieces but it felt good to break them out again. I love being a brunette because it's just my natural color, but I also love being able to switch it up on the daily! Tomorrow's outfit post (from today) will be with blonde hair!

Work last night was a long one. The bar was slammed (surprisingly) but no one was tipping. So many rude people and my feet were killing from the minute I got there. It's easy to complain when you deal with a bunch of drunks, but I try not to let it overpower the fact that I'm lucky to have a job. Even still, working with the public is tough stuff! Now I'm going to go lay down on the couch, watch some tv and probably take a nap with the pups while Mike is gone. 

We're heading down to my parents' house in the morning for a full day/night of sunshine and swimming! I'm (oh so) slowly but surely getting a little bit of a tan! Even if it is a 3/4 length farmer's tan from my cardigan!

I hope to try and share some wig videos this week! I get lots of questions about how I style them or care for them or even put them on, so I'm going to get to those eventually! xo

No-name dress via Ross (?!)
Target cardigan (similar)
Relic bag 
Nine West straw hat (similar)
Roman wedges c/o Blowfish Shoes (Save 15% w/ code BFKAELAH15!)

PS; I think I might start linking to the items that I'm wearing (or similar items if I can't find them) that way if you like it you can buy it. Thoughts?!

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