Thursday, June 2, 2011

Caramelized Flower Shower

Can I just say how much I love straw hats? This summer is going to be full of large floppy hats galore! I picked up three (!!!) at Ross the other day for a whopping $5 each! They're all different enough to be acceptable though! I thought I was going to rip the pucca (?!) shells off of this one but it gives is a touristy beachy vibe and since I'm stuck in landlocked Tennessee, I could use any and all reminders of the ocean! This dress was snagged at Target the other day on the cheap! It has boning throughout the bust but it's typically shoddy so I'm assuming it'll poke its way out here shortly! (And I hope so because it's so oddly shaped!) But I couldn't resist the caramel color and that fab print! I'm kind of on a "I like to clash all sorts of patterns together" trend lately. This grey cardi is from Forever 21 and I felt like it was a nice, yet bright, neutral piece. This bag is from Ross, too (I told you I like discounted clothing!) and It's kind of awesome and not at the same time. I'm a gal who is in my purse always. Opening, closing, etc. This one makes it difficult with two magnetica claps and that lock on the front. But it's cute so I suffer through it (/sarcasm haha!) These shoes are a $2 find from Goodwill (!!!) but they're originally from Charlotte Russe.

Today Mike and I are on the grind of shooting the first couple hundred shots for the shoppe! I'm having so much fun naming all of the pieces/patterns! I hope y'all are as excited as I am! I've built this up so much so I hope it's well received! 

Happy Thursday!

Target dress
Forever 21 cardigan
Ross hat
Charlotte Russe flats via Goodwill
Ross bag

PS; If you notice that slightly dirty spot on my leg, it's because we went to the puppy park just before taking these! Muddy pups everywhere! Georgia definitely the muddiest of all! (They warm my heart! Prepare for cuteness overload tomorrow!)

PPS; I know several of you international girls have expressed intrest in buying some pieces from the shoppe! I'm trying to find some UK based ladies that would be up for trades! (AKA there are so many dresses in the UK that I want to get my hands on, but I'm on my shopping ban. but I can still trade for them!) haha It's ridiculous the measures I go to for pretty dresses. If you're up for some swapparoo'n then email me at!)

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