Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Things have slowed down a wee bit on the little ol' blog this week. As some of you know, Mike and I began moving yesterday. We started two weeks early so that we don't stress ourselves out and we have ample time to pack, load, move and unload/store our stuff, and yesterday we took our first load. We're moving about 60-ish miles away so the drive isn't short by any means. Luckily we can fit a decent amount of items in our Xterra with the seats folded down. I'm also eyeball deep in blog commissions! Holy cow! I never expected you guys to be so supportive of my work! I received 25+ emails in the first 24 hours alone! I'm truly humbled by it! Of course not everyone opted to go for a full redesign right now, but several did so I have a nice little waiting list to tackle! I've been designing for several hours each day, even on top of packing and moving and trying to enjoy some down time. I've been working pretty quickly so I should be able to tackle everything on my list in the next little while! If you're still interested in a potential redesign, please send me an email at and we can talk, then you can get on the list before it gets too long! Seriously... thank you so so much! Onto all things magical...

this ice cream face tattoo on gucci mane. so tough!

♥ this office moment. makes me wanna rewatch them all! ♥

♥ these great tattoos by steve byrne! ♥

♥ this hilarious gif must have made you laugh! right? ♥

this incredible ipod case! hey 90s! ♥

♥ this! do you love NPH & unicorns as much as me? ♥

this irrelevant sign. i liked him in pretty woman! ♥

♥ this retort! perfect for your less-than-welcome guests? too harsh? ♥

♥ this shark watermelon! someone is talented! looks tasty! ♥

♥ these totally realistic little mermaid costumes! holy ursula! ♥

this amazing clock! too bad it's a cool $1,000! ♥

and finally...
regardless of your political feelings toward President Obama, i urge you to read (or watch) his Arizona speech from yesterday. it was incredibly moving and thoughtful, and all of the news networks that claim it was "too long" are simply ignorant to the fact he was paying tribute to the many people who lost their lives and were injured. CLICK HERE to read it!

What are you loving this week?

PS; Can Jersey Shore be on my list, too?! I have such questionable taste in television!

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