Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little Boy Blue

♥ dress: converse || cardigan & flats: target || belt: another dress || tights: c/o we love colors || coat: h&m ♥

Excuse the lighting on these photos... they were not the best! I wasn't big on this outfit at all. I wanted to give this dress another go, but it's not my favorite. It'd look lovely on someone else, I'm sure, but I'm not all about it. I did like playing up blue on blue on blue though. I have some spots on my We Love Colors tights that appeared out of nowhere after washing them one day.. almost like bleach spots, but we don't use bleach. No clue where they came from, but I need to snag another pair to replace them I think! They're definitely some of my favorites. I swiped this belt from another dress I have, and thought it'd be a nice way to cover the elastic waist built into the dress. I didn't realize how short the outfit was! I feel like that's constantly happening to me, but I'm only 5'2! Ah well!

(I'm writing this post on Saturday night before work... and it won't be posted until Sunday morning. Just a heads up if you get confused reading the following!)

Last night was NYE... and I had to work. Luckily we were so busy that the night flew. I had to go in an hour early, at 8pm, so the hours between 8 and 12 were a blur. It was a bit of a drag between 12 and 2 though because everyone was leaving and there was definitely a mess to clean! Busy bar means decent tips so I didn't complain too much. I did only get about 5 and a half hours of sleep though so while I felt totally fine this morning, I crashed around 4pm. Mike and I ran to Franklin to run errands and eat lunch. We came home and watched the first Harry Potter with a marathon in our sights. I fell asleep at the end and he watched Men In Black until I woke up. Now here we are, an hour until we leave again for another night, and that marathon will just have to wait until tomorrow!

I'm battling a massive headache right now but I'm hoping that I can kick it around a bit and power through the night. Then tomorrow... tomorrow we shall relax!

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