Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Royal Red Wine

(Preface: I'm writing this late on Monday night and it'll be posted on Tuesday so just keep that in mind when you're reading!)

Well, we're moved out... and in. Sort of. We moved the last of our "furniture" from the townhouse today and back to my hometown. Most went in storage and what could fit in our tiny room went. Currently I have 2-5 dresses on each hanger, and the same goes for cardigans. They're also doubled over so I could fit two short bookshelves in my lower closet to house packing stuff, etsy goodies and books. It's amazing how much you can accumulate in such a short amount of time. And how hard it is to go from 1200 sq feet to maybe 150!

I'd be lying if I said it was all bad though... I'm excited to be back here for multiple reasons. 1) No rent! 2) A set daily schedule for both Mike and myself. That includes work! And gym! 3) No Target or Mall to suck the life out of my bank account! 4) Plenty of rural areas to explore, document, and share! 5) It means we get to move out of state so much quicker!

Plus, our room is so cute! Of course by cute I mean girly and shabby chic and awesome, but Mike doesn't mind. He's such a stellar guy! The room was a pale peach prior to us moving in but good thing it's one of my favorite colors!

Oh, but about this outfit! Right! This is the dress I ordered from ASOS a while back! It's marked down from $80 to $50 and also comes in hot pink. I love the blue color and the sheer fabric. The shoulders are what sold me (though the back is divine!). I ordered a size up just to be safe as it was coming from the UK and it's much easier to fit into something and take it in rather than to let it out, but much to my dismay it's still ill-fitting (I really hate online shopping!). The bust is way too big so I'm going to take in the neckline just a bit around the back to hold it up and then take in the waist ever so slightly. Then it will be the perfect dress. I can't wait to pair it with all sorts of colored tights. I liked the maroon personally but truth be told: I was wearing them when the dress arrived so they stayed on! But I think even the mustard yellow would look lovely!

I like that it can be dressed both up and down so I'm looking forward to trying different combinations of it come warmer weather!

Mike and I have been getting way too into the UK series Skins. We've already finished season 1 on Netflix and we're powering through season two now. We have to wake up insanely early to head back to Spring Hill. Mike is dropping me off at the house and he's heading to Cool Springs to meet up with a fellow photographer and to have coffee, chit chat about "the biz" and whatnot. I'm excited he has found someone who shares similar interests and someone he can learn from. Afterwards he's going to come back to the house and help me clean, steam clean the carpets, etc. Phew!

Right now I'm sitting on our cozy bed with a 50 foot ethernet cable coming from the living room where I'm stealing internet. Hopefully we can sort out the router tomorrow night and get proper internet so I can respond to the overwhelming amount of emails sitting in my inbox! If you're waiting on me to email you about designs or sponsorships, they're coming! :D

I have a couple of sponsorship spots still available if you're interested! It's not too late! Check out the SPONSOR PAGE or email me! Okay! Huge update, done! xo

PS; I'm so tickled y'all loved this week's mixtape playlist! I love hearing that others grew up to the very same songs! I'm excited about next week's, too! :D

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