Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Spotlight - Tattooist: Amanda Wachob

If you use Tumblr or are just a fan of the web, chances are highly likely that you've seen some tattoo work by Amanda Wachob, a brilliant tattooist currently working from Dare Devil Tattoo in New York City. Amanda has such a way with her tattoos! She has such a painterly hand for using a tattoo machine. Many of her abstract tattoos have been reblogged on Tumblr with thousands and thousands of notes. Of course good tattoos don't come cheap (as they shouldn't!) and Amanda's hourly rate is $300 and she's currently booked 5 months out! 5 months is nothing compared to how booked she has been though! You'll definitely have to throw down some dough to get one of her pieces but I can't imagine a proper art collection being complete without one! Just peep some of her work below and you'll see exactly what I mean!

Are you blown away yet?! Geeze! You can find Amanda online at these lovely places: Website, Portfolio, & DareDevil Tattoo!

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