Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holga 135BC Photos

Here are some photos we just had developed from our Holga 135BC camera the other day! They're from October when we went to Louisville to meet up with Susannah and Chris, and also from our roadtrip later that month to Wilmington, NC! There are also a couple at the end from around Franklin and Spring Hill. Here's a little spoiler for upcoming travels: combine two of my favorite "things" and it's going to make for the most epic roadtrip come the first of March! I'm giddy just thinking about it! All of these photos were shot on 200 speed Kodak Color Negative film. I love the heavy vignette that the Holga gives the photos! We're entertaining the thought of buying one to give away on the blog soon! We keep racking our brain for fun giveaways each month but our minds always go straight to Lomography cameras! What's your take? Yay/Nay? Would you like to win a couple cameras? Eh?

Enjoy the photos!

Lots has been going on over here! Busy busy bee. Planning, designing, packing, budgeting, etc! I promise to be back with an exciting update before too long! xo

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