Monday, January 17, 2011

The Past Few Days...

It's no secret that I've been taking a little bit of time away from my blog this week. Of course, it's not because I really want to, but other duties have been calling and my priorities had to shift around for a bit. From working on several blog designs to entertaining house guests for the weekend and all the while still managing to move 3 loads of stuff down to storage an hour away... I'm being productive! Just not on this front I guess!

Friday evening brought my best friend, Casey, all the way from Kansas for the weekend! Friday was his 27th birthday and he had come with his friends Kyle and Nicole to hang out with us and see the Casey Jones show on Saturday. Friday night they all came to my bar while I worked and had a great time. We had so much fun! I was exhausted on Saturday but we woke up, got dressed and all met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel before heading to Nashville for a fun filled day of thrifting and going to record shops. Mike and I snagged a few things: a working typewriter (ours was on it's last leg!), some cropped jackets (pictures soon!), lots of fabric, 2 cute little bags, some albums at Grimey's, etc. I'd consider that a success! (Though most of that was for me! Actually... all of it. Whoops!) Afterwards Casey went to the show with Kyle and Nicole and we went back home. I finished up a blog layout on Saturday for the sweet girl, Michaela of Letters Postmarked To You! She was such a delight to work with and I'm so glad she loves her little space! I love when "clients" are super chill and easy going! She understood that I had a lot on my plate this weekend but I was still able to nail it down and I'm tickled to death!

Saturday night at work couldn't have been more opposite from the night before. We didn't have a waitress so it was just me and Angie manning all of the customers. Not only were we packed, but our entire bar was full of the weirdest crowd ever. People we have never seen. And worst of all, people who showed absolutely no compassion for the fact that we were just swamped. Rude, demanding, cheap people. There was even an altercation where I yelled across the bar to someone who was just  so incredibly rude to me. Mind you I'd never do that to a regular or anything, but this person showed absolutely no respect for me, my bar, or anyone else in there. The nice thing about my job is that I can choose who I want to serve and who I don't. Anyway, by the end of the night I was so frazzled. My legs and feet were killing. I could barely stand up. Everyone was infuriating everyone else (at the bar), so finally... half past 2am, we left. Mike and I settled in for bed and I just lost it. I bawled like a baby for quite a while... Sounds overdramatic but I cannot even express how insanely difficult work was Saturday. Can't be too bad, right? I mean... 5 hours. It was hands down one of the worst nights there that I've had in 5 years. Luckily Mike was very consoling and he even gave me the most awesome foot rub ever. I woke up feeling a lot better so we'll just leave Saturday in the past!

Sunday morning we all decided to have a farewell lunch at Olive Garden. The three of them were getting ready to depart as the drive to Kansas is a solid 10 hours and they had to drive through snow. It was a yummy lunch and I think we all left with a carb overload and a food baby. Definitely not the best food to eat right before powering through a 10 hour drive as it just made me want to nap. Mike and I ran some errands before heading home and then my parents paid us a visit. Afterwards we made a run to Home Depot, came home, packed up the Xterra and set sail for my hometown. We moved in a nightstand, dresser, and some clothes. And there's still so very much to do here!

♥ urban outfitters dress, h&m coat, forever 21 belt, bag & scarf, target cardigan & flats, hue tights ♥

Today Mike and I would like to take it a little easier. It's raining and it'll continue to do so until Thursday, so moving our larger furniture will be impossible. (We picked up his dad's truck and my step dad's trailer to move everything else). I want so badly to get out of this place so I can just clean, clean, clean! I know some of you have asked how long we've lived here as it seems we only moved in yesterday! We only signed a 6 month lease because I knew I didn't want to live here after I graduated. (Crazy to think I've already been graduated a month and a half! Yikes! Still hasn't hit me...) Paying this much to live somewhere that does nothing for me just seemed silly so we're saving a ton of money so we can hopefully make our move in late summer! Anyway -- I have several designs to work on today so I hope I don't get burnt out! I'm trying to pace myself so I don't overdo it!

Casey and I have been friends for 7 years and we literally have 2 pictures together! If that! So we had to remedy this by grabbing a couple outside of Olive Garden yesterday haha! So silly. These should hold us over for a decade or two more! :P Oh, and I promise outfit posts soon! It only took me a week to break that resolution! Yow!

PS: I know a ton of you know Casey... it's funny how many emails and comments I get that are all "OMG YOU KNOW CASEY?!" He said he gets the exact same thing being "You know Kaelah?!" I don't know how all that came to be but here it is! Visual evidence of our friendship haha Love that boy to death.

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