Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

My TiLT posts are one of my favorites to do for the week. I love looking up things that are awesome and wonderful and being able to share them on the blog! This week is full of cute... I promise! Just go see for yourself!

this amazing collection that had mike & i drooling ♥

♥ this mystical image of unis ♥

♥ this ridiculous guinea pig costume ♥

♥ this sloth! my favorite land animal! ♥

♥ this delicious looking fruit ♥

♥ this... just.. i don't even know what it is. it's cute! ♥

♥ this four-eyed friend ♥

♥ this hilarious "'shoop" of Michael Cera ♥

this bag!! i'd love to snag it for mike ♥

this bedroom! ♥

♥ this text! ♥

♥ this helga costume! hey arnold! so spot on! ♥

What are you loving this week?

PS; I'm using my Chictopia once more! Come befriend me so I can befriend you! xo

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