Friday, February 25, 2011

Mail Call

One of my absolute favorite times of day is around 11am when USPS comes around (we have the nicest postal guy ever!) and then around 1:30pm when UPS comes knocking (he's equally as nice!). I love love love receiving mail. Whether it's a product of a rad blog reader, penpal or my late night shopping binges, it's so exciting to open the door, see a package, then rip the box to shreds. It's like Christmas on a weekday! I've been getting more mail than usual lately (and my debit card is on fire!), but I was the recipient of 2 rad packages earlier this month that I'm excited to share!

Up first is a package from Erin of Sunshine and Carousels! She makes pretty handmade hair pieces and accessories, and I'm always donning one of her headbands it seems! She's one of my sponsors this month so she sent over 4 pretty headbands, including a black replacement for the one she sent be back in.. October? Yow! She just launched her Spring 2011 collection yesterday so be sure to pop over and check them out! They're comfy headbands that don't give me headaches (win!) and they come in the prettiest of colors! She also has things like earrings, too! Swing by and tell her you're visiting from LCH!

Then I had a little package that I had been looking forward to for about 2 months! BudgetGadgets gave me my choice of item from their shop and they're also offering up a discount code for all of you! I perused the site and looked at their suggestion of a watch, but since I usually steer clear of jewelry I opted for the Lips Phone! Mike makes fun of me so so so much for my choice I couldn't help it! I know it's cheesy and somewhat juvenile for a 20-something to want a big red lips phone, but I felt like it was the perfect blend of Cher from Clueless and Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All! Tell me you don't see it! I dare you! It's sitting pretty up on our sidetable in our room and it looks perfect! If you're interested in snagging up some wholesale-priced items then be sure to check out Budget Gadgets and use the coupon code 'honeybeeinthecity5off' for a 5% discount! Doesn't sound like much, but check out those prices! It's not even needed! 

And finally.. something I got just today! I did a blog redesign for Somer earlier this month and she was so sweet and appreciative that she knit this little pretty up for me (with a bow!) and sent it my way just to say thank you! How sweet is that?! After the storms last night the weather took a turn for the cold so I'm glad I'll get to wear it at least once before Spring comes! The bold blue color is something I totally lack in my wardrobe so now I'm glad I'll have something to build around! Thanks Somer! (This is her Etsy if you're interested!)

*Excuse my blah-ness in these photos! When at home I live with my hair in a messy high bun, little-to-no-makeup, and a DRUG FREE hoodie haha Oh, and furry pink slippers! Ahh! 

Do you like receiving things in the mail? Do you have penpals? What's the most exciting thing you've received lately?! Usually I just get bills and more bills!

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