Monday, February 21, 2011

Giving Away Happiness.

I'm in love with the picture above and it really got me thinking about how random acts of kindness truly are a magical thing. It can be something as simple as holding a door open for someone with a heavy load, paying for their Starbucks order in the drive-thru, or leaving an anonymous note in a book at the library.

Simple, tiny gestures that can completely change someone's life.

I've started doing itty bitty little things such as taking my You Are Beautiful stickers (as seen here) and putting them on the backs of credit card receipts or tips that I leave at restaurants. Hopefully the server gets a smile for the day and that dollar can be passed along to another patron, a store clerk, or someone who just needs a brighter day while buying peanut butter.

Mike and I have also been known to leave anonymous notes in books at random stores (as seen above) just hoping someone would find them.

Someone paid for my drink in the Starbucks drive-thru a while back... and what a fantastic feeling it was to keep that train going and to give the person behind me a little sweetness.

So I'm curious...

What are some random acts of kindness 
that you've done for others?

What is the kindest thing that 
another has done for you?

What are some ways you can think
of to inspire others to give a little kindness?

Spread the happy!

Ps; If you're interested in getting your own You Are Beautiful stickers, contact the You Are Beautiful project HERE! I'll be blogging about the project just a little bit later!

PPS; Congrats to Jen for winning the Featured Sponsor Giveaway! I'll be in touch shortly! 

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