Monday, February 7, 2011

Confession: I'm Having an Affair

It's true. I am. I'm cheating with 3 brilliant works of art... 3 charming, endearing, wonderful creatures. Oh, I didn't mean I was cheating on Mike.... I meant I'm cheating on my ruffled black flats! Okay, okay, okay... so just two weeks ago I had to defend myself (twice) on why I chose to wear black flats every single day. I chose to wear them because they're comfortable! They're easy to walk in. My feet never tire. They match everything. Yeah, sure, I was tired of seeing them, too, but here's the thing... my feet are terrified of heels. Seriously. Terrified. I walk like a drunk penguin and everyone stares. I vowed to be a "flats girl forevz". Well the very next day Mike and I found ourselves in Target, perusing the aisles as usual, and I had a sudden inclination to go to the shoe section. This isn't unusual, of course. I look at the shoes every time we go. But this time felt different. I felt bold. I felt like trying something new.

What did I do? I picked up a pair of wedges that I most certainly never would've picked up in my life, and I put them on. What happened? I fell in love.

There's no denying the fact that under any other circumstances I would have scoffed at these shoes and said "Ha! Really? Never!" because they're quite obviously not my usual style. Even if I did go for heels, I went for ruffles and suede and pretty things. These looked too hard... too odd. They had a "clog" feel to them and if anyone hates clogs, it's this girl! At least, I used to... I think I still do? Oh bother... I have no idea what is happening to me! I'm being awfully over dramatic but this was a big deal for me. I don't like heels. And I certainly don't find them comfortable. Then I walked in them. I exclaimed to Mike "I bet I could jump rope in these!" and at that moment, I was sold. In the buggy (yes, buggy!) they went!

Well, I was inspired. Up and down the other aisles I ran. Then I found these. A strange orange brown, sure, but the heel and platform spoke to me. Sister shoe, I said, You're coming home with me! Into the buggy they flew!

Then I stumbled upon these. The chunky brown straps were something I was comfortable with, and I knew the wedge would make it easier to withstand. Mike was not sold, however, but I quickly talked him into giving them them benefit of a doubt and he obliged. They're the only ones I have yet to style up but I'm patiently awaiting the day!

My point with this post was to document a transformation in myself. Not only in my style, but also in my ability to open up to new things and just try them... even if they have failed me miserably in the past. I can't tell you how many pairs of heels I've bought and throw out or lost simply because they ended up being too uncomfortable. I'm willing to try things, sure. but I stand by my word that if they're far too uncomfortable I just will not wear them. I refuse to believe "fashion over function" or "fashion over comfort" and while you may disagree, that's totally okay! You can have all the uncomfortable shoes for yourself! I'm just excited that I found three cozy pairs in just one trip!

Another point I'd like to make with this post is that you should have an affair. Not by cheating on your significant other, but by branching out and trying something new! Maybe you'll fall in love with it! Hate brussel sprouts? Try them one more time... with an open mind. If you still hate them, don't eat them. But maybe you'll surprise yourself. We learn something new about ourselves all the time... Here I am at almost 23 years old and I just now realized that I like shoes. It's a whirlwind revelation for me, so you should try to learn something about yourself! Who knows? It might even change your life forever! (I may be pushing it with that one, but seriously! What do you have to lose?!)

If you should be loving anyone on Valentine's Day (and every day!), it should be yourself. So go out there, try something new or something you thought you hated. Have an open mind. Be willing to accept change! Sometimes it's fun!

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