Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly YouTube Hilarity.

Saturdays will be my YouTube days. Yes, that is how it shall be. Here are a few videos I stumbled across this week. Most of them are from one single Russian boy-band and the parodies. Feel free to chime in with your favorites below!

This (^) is my all-time favorite ever probably. I've watched it SO.MANY.TIMES this week... it's almost embarrassing. I want it to play 24/7 in my house. There's something so profoundly ridiculously about each and every one of them, I just love it! If I'm not mistaken (which I may be!), Nowiy God means New Year in Russian? (If you can provide the rest of the translated lyrics, I'd be so grateful!) Also, I think the 2 older guys must not be in the actual "band"? I wish I could figure all of this out! They're not in any of the other Steklovata music videos.

Here are some more of their gems, along with the parodies.


And others:

I don't want to overrun your screens with a ridiculous amount of videos but let's just say that I already have a handful of gems for NEXT week! So very excited to show those to you because they're GREAT! I didn't want them to overshadow Steklovata however (or vice versa). Enjoy!

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