Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

Okay... this week's Wedding Wednesday is going to be even more hodgepodge than usual! I found a folder on my computer with more than the healthy dose of wedding photos compiled and collected from all over the web. I don't have the sources or credits for them anymore, but I'm sure with a little bit of searching you can find them on the usual sites I link to! (So sorry for this! I know it's a total blogger faux-pas but I just wanted to dump out this huge batch of visual inspiration!) You are going to LOVE them! 

(The entire last section is from 100 Layer Cake!)

And the Weekly Wedding Question! Hair-do! Will you (or did you) opt for the special-occasion-up-do a la Prom and Homecoming, or are you more of a natural, let-the-hair-lay type of gal? Curly? Straight? Fascinator or flower? Veil? So many options with your hair! 

My opinion: I don't know! Guess it'd depend greatly upon my dress but I'd like to think I'd have some sort of maybe-down-but-maybe-up-slightly do (that made no sense!). I DO know, however, that I want some sort of accessory whether it's a fascinator or flower-and-birdcage-veil. I'm not a Cathedral-veil girl myself but I'm also not a throw-my-hair-up-in-ringlets gal either! 

PS; As far as the "exciting news" goes, I am not engaged! I've received so many excited/anxious/impatient texts/emails/formsprings that I thought I'd at least clear that one up seeing as it's Wedding Wednesday and all! My friend Merissa even asked in anticipation "Which one did you get?!" yesterday while thinking I had a new engagement ring to show off! (But really!?!? C'mon Mike! Someone ask him what's taking him so long?!?!? ;) haha) I will get to the exciting news soon though!

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