Monday, September 13, 2010

A Blast From The Past...

Some of you remember when I had dark hair... I mean, it was only last year. But many of you are new and probably have only seen a photo or two of me with my natural hair color. I went 5 years without dying my hair before I decided to go red. I've had red hair for about 14 or 15 months now. It's a lot of work. 

I made the mistake of signing into myspace so I could look at old pictures today. Some were so incredibly embarrassing. Some made me really miss my natural color. I thought about dying my hair back dark, but then I got nervous and afraid. I'm afraid that it won't look natural. (obviously my red doesn't look natural but that was never the intention.) My brown hair I loved simply because it looked totally authentic. Because it was. So when I look at pictures with my brown hair, I long for it. and then I look at a photo with me with red hair, and I still love it all the same.

Maybe it's just the "grass is greener" complex but I'm so afraid to dye it back dark! I guess I'm afraid because it's not easily reversible. I can't dye the red back over it if I hate it. And I won't bleach my hair. Plus I'll have to get a green-based brown in order to cancel out the red. It really just seems like a lot of work. And I'll have to hope my new extensions match. Man oh man! Leave it to me to make something as simple as dying my hair into a big chaotic mess. 

I'll just show you some pictures, and you can vote. :) (I look like a totally different person with brown hair... and it probably just adds to that that I lack the cheek piercings and overly visible tattoos).

(if my hair could look like ^this^ every day of the year, i'd be a happy camper! sadly it was never that polished!)

this one is from november 2005. yes, go ahead, laugh it up! man I feel so embarrassed by this photo! I was only 17 though so whatever.

and a few red just for good measure:

I remember when I first went red this time around... I swore I'd be a redhead forever because I loved it so much. I still do love it, don't get me wrong. Like I said, I think the always wanting what you don't have thing is getting to me. Plus I don't know how it'd look now. 

So cast your vote below! Should I go back dark? I'll throw out the disclaimer that I'm not basing my decision on the votes, because honestly, even if it's 100% yeses I'll probably still be too big of a sissy to do it... but I'm weighing my options! 

edit: looking back on this I can say that I probably won't dye my hair back dark for a while. I spent all this time typing this out but whatever! haha You can still vote though. Or just leave comments about how ridiculous that 2005 picture is of me. Oh lord...

edit edit: i'm NOT dying my hair. case closed.

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