Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Wednesday! (Take Two: Cakes!)

I felt like expanding on the post from earlier today with a post dedicated to beautiful cakes! There are only a few that I'm going to share but I'm fascinated with all of the cake shows on TV now and I always see things and think "Ooh! That'd be so pretty at my wedding!" I felt like sharing a few! (Most are from Martha Stewart Weddings! I don't care for her personality much but she's quite the homemaking whiz!) The first cake really reminds me of Susannah and her twitter profile

Another Weekly Wedding Question! What kind of cake do you want to have at your wedding? (Or what kind did you have?) Did you go for fondant or buttercream? Traditional or more ornate? Round, square, or otherwise? What about flavor?! Do share!

My opinion: I can't make up my mind! As per usual! I want so many things but it'll depend on the final theme! I'd like to think we'd do tiers different flavors, but who knows!

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