Friday, September 10, 2010

Submit Your Stuff for the Huge Handmade Review/Giveaway!


I've received so many emails and comments about people wanting to be able to host a giveaway on my blog but simply are unable to foot the the sponsorship fee. While I've never offered this before, I thought we could try it for one time and hopefully make a really really great giveaway, too! I'm all about smaller blogs and Etsy shops getting their name out there and I'd love to help in any way I can. I've decided to bring this to the table for a one-shot deal and hope that you'll take advantage of it!

*Who is eligible? Anyone with an Etsy or a knack for handmade goods!

*Do the items have to be handmade for the review and giveaway? No! I originally thought yes but several people had said they have vintage goods, prints or housewares and that is fine! 

*What is required? One item for me to keep and review (this is in place of the $30 sponsor fee), and one (or more) items for me to put in the huge giveaway! [If you are unable to do both and still want to participate, email me and I'll see what we can do!]

*Is there a monetary value amount required? No. It can be pretty much anything for the most part. 

*What should we do if we're interested in submitting? Email me! and send me the link to your shop or photos of what you have/would like to contribute. You can either choose something or let me choose it, and you can put a ceiling price on it (like, 'nothing over $20' or 'anything but this...' etc). I'll write down your name, etsy shop, and items, and then you can mail them to me!

*What should we include in the package? The item for review, the item for the giveaway, a description of each, a small/short bio of you, your etsy/blog links! (So I can have this information for the featured posts!) The review will basically consist of my opinion about your shop and all that jazz (so don't worry! It's not like it's bad!) 

*What do we get out of this? You get exposure on my blog with over 3,000 daily readers. You don't have to pay the sponsor fee but you still get to take advantage of the opportunities presented to sponsors. This is to help get YOUR name and YOUR goods out there! I will also visit your shop and pick my favorite item to feature in the post along with everything else.

*Who will win the giveaway? There will be ONE winner for the ENTIRE batch of goodies (this is why I'm having you send them to me, so I can ship them together)! The winner will be determined via and I will foot the shipping bill! (Which won't be cheap, I'm sure!)

*When is the deadline? Deadline for all items to be in my hands is September 24th! (That should be plenty of time if you're international! If you need more time, PLEASE email me immediately!) 

*Is there a certain number of available spots? Yes! They are first come - first serve, so don't delay if you want to take part! 

I really hope you guys take advantage and really want to participate! I don't know if I'll ever do this again but hopefully it won't be a total flop!  

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