Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Favorite: Sea Life Tattoos!

So it's no newsflash that I love sharks... obviously. And I must take a liking to octopus since I have one so prominetly tattooed on my forearm... but did you know I also love Beluga whales (well, whales in general), seals and sea lions, and a ton of other sweet little sub-water creatures?! Well... I do! I also like them in tattoo form. Here are some lovely marine life tattoos that get me giddy! (They all have click-through sources, too)

Whale tattoo
octopus tattoo
9th session

and because I didn't take better photos of my tattoo today (because its still really swollen and glossy from fresh ointment..) here are these from my phone. The colors are much brighter than I anticipated but I love them. They'll lighten up a whole lot when it heals, but still, it's so fun! My next session is in just under three weeks so I'll be getting the rest of the linework and then more color! Huzzah! Hopefully only a few more sessions until it's done! (At least my wallet hopes so!)

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