Thursday, September 9, 2010

Outfit Post : Wednesday, September 9 + Etsy Stuff!

Here are a few photos from yesterday. I was roughin' it with my hair pushed up in a messy high pony-tail (didn't feel like washing it) and I threw on something to get me through the day. We also shot some photos for some new headbands that I made and you can purchase in my etsy. (Take note: for now, if you'd like a double-rose headband, purchase the blue one and then leave a comment in the note section for which fabric you'd like! You can even mix and match!) 

dress: wet seal, cardigan: forever 21, tights: walmart, shoes: kmart, bag: ebay

I really think you should run over and snag one or two! ;) (By the way, I'm going to have an open call for Etsy submissions here shortly! For product reviews and photo features! You don't even have to be a sponsor! This is the first —and maybe only — time I've offered this! May even involve a little Etsy trade-a-roo! Would you be interested in having your product on Little Chief Honeybee? Let me know!)

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