Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holga 135BC Photos by Mike.

A random photo post of gorgeous pictures that my beau took! He just snagged a new Holga camera the other day and he took some pictures on our epic hiking adventure gone awry. They turned out truly, truly beautiful! Maybe I'm biased but his stuff definitely inspires me! Hopefully you'll enjoy it, too!

If you want to follow his Flickr or blog, click the respective links! (Oh and here's his twitter, too! You know... just ~whoring him out!)

By the way! I've received several of the packages for the Huge Handmade Giveaway! Someone had to drop out so if you want her spot, email me! (Kaelahbee@gmail.com!) I'm going to sort through them, write up the reviews and posts, and then hopefully post it around the first of October and it'll run for most of the month! (Which will be an exciting time for sponsors! New things are happening, y'all! More on that later!)

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