Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 12 Outfits of 2010

I've grown more and more accustomed to taking outfit pictures every week, though I'm still not doing them daily. Hopefully that will change in 2011 [*resolution spoiler!*]. I skipped May completely thanks to the flood, and June and July were rough thanks to living alone in NYC and not having a photographer to snap them everyday. So rather than choosing one from each month, I chose 12 to show the dramatic [sense the sarcasm] evolution in my style. Truth be told, I'm still in a dress, flats and cardigan every day, but my tights have gotten bright, as has my hair. Oh and my sleeve is done! I guess that counts as evolution, right?!

Here we go! I'm ordering them from oldest to newest, so if you're a new reader, peep the archives! Also - you can click each picture to be taken to the original outfit post! [These are a bit biased as I tried to not include too many recent outfits, though I've had the most fun with them. I think I just love colored tights and pink hair! I can't help it!]

I really hope to expand on my style in 2011 and while I have no plans to include pants in any shape, form, or fashion, I do hope that my own handmade dresses will play a strong role! xo

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