Monday, December 13, 2010

Crochet Headbands by SusannahBean!

Well, we're snowed in. Snowed in in Tennessee means an inch or two of snow and some ice here and there. Our whole parking lot is iced over and it's enough to keep us inside. Okay, well, that and the fact that Mike has taken sick all over again. Apparently last week when I had the crud full throttle, he only had a teensy bit of it. He started getting pretty sickly last night and now he's just a mess of a guy on the couch doped up on Nyquil. He's slept all day basically. Anyway, we couldn't get out of the driveway this morning so he didn't go to work. We [read: I] have been watching Grey's Anatomy and National Geographic all day. This is all filler information really but the point: it's cold. It's very very cold. And the girls still need to go outside so I've been keeping my ears warm with these lovelies from SusannahBean!

knit headband

These photos were taken last weekend so excuse my wonky eye. I had a pretty ginormous stye on my eye for the better part of the week and it shows ;P

Susannah sent me one of her Bloom and Clara Bow headband/earwarmers and I've been wearing them with everything! They're so practical and functional and just oh so sweet. And at $16, you can't beat them. Plus they come in like every color ever so I suggest you sneak on over and grab up a few of your own! [They're sort of hard to see in the pictures because black just soaks up light, but the Clara is a chunky bow and the Bloom is a cute little flower!]

They're expertly made and the perfect size. They keep my ears nice and toasty while I'm running after the two pups in the snow. I think they'd make the most fantastic stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts. Who wouldn't love a sweet little handmade goodie?!

You can visit Susannah's shop and check out her selection of crotched items by clicking here or you can drop by her blog and say hello by clicking here! Hooray!

knit headband
knit headband
knit headband
♥ (all images by mike) ♥

Thanks for the awesome stuff, Susannah! ♥

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