Wednesday, December 8, 2010

iPhone Photo Dump

Dumping a load of photos on you for the day! Still insanely under the weather (haven't left the couch all day and I've been exercising my right to Nyquil). The good news is that the sore throat has disappeared (hopefully for good!) and I'm only battling insane congestion. Since I wasn't able to share some amazing wedding goodness with you, hopefully a million pictures of my babies will do! 

Mike and I at target the other day.

Mike opening his new toy: Nikon d300s. He's in love.

Georgia sits on Pip when she wants to calm her down.

Pipkin nuzzled up near G's backside to snooze. If you know anything about either of our pups, you'll know that that is NOT a place you EVER want to be.

The girls curled up next to my head this morning on the couch and slept next to me while I was sickly. Sweetest girls ever.

Back to my please-get-healthy mission! Hope you're all having a great night <3

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