Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Spotlight - Musicians: The Weepies

I had every intention of making today's Sunday Spotlight about a fabulous, young, budding photographer (I even had it written and scheduled), but then I realized that since today is a very, very special day, a very special spotlight should be shared! If you're wondering what I mean by special day, it is Mike and I's anniversary! I will be sharing more about that later this, but for now it's all about the music! (Here's to crossing my fingers that we both start feeling better and actually get to do something today! We've both come down a bit sickly.)

Today I'm sharing music by The Weepies. I'm sure most of you have heard of them and enjoy their music. I first heard them way back when (like way way back) and fell in love with "World Spins Madly On". Quickly I became entranced by all things Weepies and even their solo work. Deb and Steve met in a coffee shop as they were both solo musicians and they decided to work together. Fast forward a bit, they fall in love, start a band, and have a sweet little boy. While they've released several albums, Say I am You is by far my favorite still.

What's the significance of The Weepies to our anniversary? Well, "Gotta Have You" is definitely "our song". Mike first told me he loved me while that song was playing and ever since it's just been a constant reminder of how wonderful he is. I'm truly blessed and grateful each and every day to wake up next to the person I know I want to share the remainder of my days with. Hopefully you'll enjoy the tunes below! 

Other significance: "Not Your Year" is the song I always listen to when I'm feeling blue. Something about it instantly cheers me up. It makes me think to not be so negative or down on myself. My luck will change. There's always a new day, or year. "Take It From Me" has always been special because I love the opening verse. I have a very very very special of bright red boots and I feel connected to it in some cheesy, silly way. 

Deb Talan's solo work is by far some of my favorite. "Big Strong Girl" and "Comfort" are two songs I highly recommend you listen to.

Hope you loved this week's spotlight! Have you listened to The Weepies before? If so, what's your favorite song? Do you feel connected to any song or verse in particular? If this is your first time listening, what's your take?

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