Friday, December 10, 2010


I just woke up from a several-hour Nyquil induced nap and let me tell you, I shouldn't have got so excited about feeling better yesterday because it came back with a vengenence. I couldn't sleep until 4am, and even then I got up at 9. I'm fighting with my FTP for my portfolio site and let's just say that I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Not to mention I have to be at work tonight and I'm a hot mess all around. I hope I can make it!

But enough of that hullabaloo. The other night Mike and I laid on the couch and watched "TiMER" on Netflix. We're suckers for Netflix Instant Play because we've had the same DVD for about 4 months now. [Probably longer] It's that bad. I vow to send it back the minute I leave the house... whenever that is. Anyway, Netflix gave this a 4.6 in terms of our taste so we were like okay, let's watch it. 

Basically the idea is: They've invented a timer which is implanted into your wrist and when your soulmate gets one it starts counting down until the exact moment when you will meet them. Of course, both people have to have the timer for this to work. But it seems that everyone is doing it and it's not a new idea either. Well this gal has her timer but it hasn't "zeroed out" yet [the time where it starts counting down] so she knows her soul mate hasn't opted for one... yet. She meets this guy 8 years her junior and they hit it off. He refuses to get a timer, but they love each other. Is this her soul mate? DUN DUN DUNNNN.

I almost hate writing a synopsis of movies because I don't even like to read the "preview text" on the screen. I like to be surprised. So here's the trailer if you want to watch it!

Anyway, I really enjoyed it. We both did. [By the way! Our favorite detective to hate, Quinn, is in it! That's right! Dexter fans unite! He's got a chubby face and facial hair, too!]

So my question is: If you could have a device that would tell you the exact moment your soulmate came into your life, would you?

My answer: No way. At least, I don't think so. [Though when you find yourself single for a certain period of time you're guaranteed to want to go "check it out". That takes all the fun out of it. Sure, you might be able to forego heartbreak and disappointment, but you're likely to avoid all relationships until that moment because you know they'll end. It's like the worst thing to hang above a relationship.... a big ol' sign saying "Destined to fail!".

I highly recommend the movie. It's on instant play so you can stream it immediately! Let me know if you've seen it [and what you thought!] or if you decide to give it a go! xo

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