Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips for Self Confidence

  1. Do your homework.  

  2. Stand up for yourself. 

  3. Ask questions.  

  4. Understand your personal core values.  

  5. Love yourself.  

  6. Believe.  

  7. Tell yourself you can do it. 

  8. Write down fears to see work needing to be done.  

  9. Think positive

  10. Be Prepared. 

  11.  Celebrate small victories.

  12.  Think the best of a situation.

  13.  Do what comes natural to you.

  14.  Manage the apprehension.

  15.  Search for a mentor.

  16.  Feel good about doing your best.

  17.  Choose confident friends to hang out with.

  18.  Ask what can be done better next time.

  19.  Smile.

  20.  Focus on the win and not the loss.

  21.  Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t.

  22.  Focus on the effort instead of the struggle.

  23.  Conduct a walk thru to see how comfortable you are with it.

  24.  Relax take a deep breath.

  25.  Do things that you’re good at.

  26.  Ignore the voice telling you, you can’t.

  27.  Stay active, Exercise.

  28.  Help others.

  29.  Learn to let go of the past.

  30.  Dress well.  A nice suit, cool tie, awesome shoes.

  31.  Make goals.

  32.  Compliment other people.

  33.  Set time aside to work on strengths and weaknesses.

  34.  Implement good habits to boost self-confidence.

  35.  Care less about what others think of you.

  36.  Look people in the eye.

  37.  Speak up. Be heard.

  38.  When sitting, sit up straight.

  39.  Own a confident walk.

  40.  Join support groups.

  41.  Take risks.

  42.  Trust yourself.

  43.  Make a decision, stick with it.

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