Thursday, November 11, 2010

31 Days To A Better Blog...

Back in January I presented my readers with a link to purchase a blogger workbook from Darren Rowse from ProBlogger. If you don't know anything about Darren, I'll just let you in on this: he makes his full living on his blog. Which is cool. Not exactly feasible for every person on the planet, but that's not the point. Darren saw an opportunity to go after something, so he did. And that is to be admired. There are many other bloggers out there like him. You don't have to be a consultant or tech blog to make it happen for you. Lifestyle and fashion bloggers do it every day. And to be fair, it's not about making money off of your blog, it's about cultivating the best content you can for it and really pushing yourself to have something different. You can change everything in just 31 days.

Sure, I can blog pictures all day long from the internet but chances are highly likely that you saw them somewhere else first. Darren points out great tips on how to manifest original content so the blogosphere isn't a big cesspool of regurgitated material. (Sick mental image, right? Sorry!) Anyway – I wouldn't promote something I didn't believe in. I bought the ebook myself back in January and while I haven't really looked at it recently, it did open up a lot of interesting doors and ideas. I've actually had many people buy the ebooks from my blog and I've heard nothing but rave reviews. (The best part... if you hate it, get a refund!) Simple right? Cool.

I'm not going to shove this down anyone's throat, but I figured it was worth putting out there once more as you can get a 25% discount through this here blog! Wahoo! 

I haven't purchased the copyright scorecard so I can't offer any genuine information on it from my experience, but I can stand behind the 31 DTABB. :) Anyway, if you snag one up, awesome! I hope it works wonders for you and makes you branch out! If you opt to pass, that's cool too! I'll never know haha 

Or click below to snag 'em up! (They were also previously marked 50% off, so you get an EXTRA 25% off of the $19.95 price)

Just be sure to use the checkout promo code: "november25". The offer is only good through this month!

Buy Now

Enjoy! I'll be back later with more goodies! xo

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