Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday's Recap + Outfit

Like I had said yesterday, Mike and I bundled up before heading out to CarMax... It really has been unbearably cold here. Unbearably for me is like the 30s in the daytime. Or anytime actually. We Tennesseans don't take too well to cold temperatures. It was nice to be able to wear my new coat and circle scarf though! We didn't photograph the dress underneath (one of my new faves!) because we weren't really planning on using these as outfit photos anyhow. But prompted by an anonymous comment that I woke up to, I figured I'd forgo the outfit post today in lieu of this one. More on that in a minute.

dress (underneath): charlotte russe, tights: target, flats: target, caridgan (underneath): target, coat: h&m, glasses: st. marks row, scarf: forever 21 men

Okay, so what anonymous comment you ask? This one: "While I do always love all of your outfits, they are beginning to look a redundant. Are there any other styles that you are considering adding to your wardrobe?" It wasn't rude in the slightest (thank goodness... we all hate rude anon comments, right?), I do wish it hadn't been anonymous. Why? So I could track them down and cyber-bully them? No, silly. But so I could have an actual conversation with this person. It feels better to talk to an actual someone than to an ominous sort-of-existing-idea-of-a-person. Anyway, that's not the point. I responded to this person by politely saying "No, i don't think so" in regards to my wardrobe expanding. I really just don't have any desire to do anything different. It's ironic that it comes right now considering I have been blogging all week about how I've went out of my comfort zone to try colored tights (and I love them!)... that's a big big change for me. I'm a feminine dress, cardigan, tights and flats kind of gal. I don't wear much else than that because I don't like to. I don't want to (and won't) expand my stuff to please everyone else simply to be deemed stylish or fashionable (two things I don't consider myself now). I don't blog outfits to show off all of my clothes or be daring and new. I just do it to hold me accountable for getting dressed in the morning (sad, isn't it? haha). After a comment to maybe try colored tights, it took me SIX MONTHS to even dare. Maybe I'm comfortable... maybe I'm just playing it safe... but I don't feel like I'm in a rut or anything. Plus, I'm finally out of my "I need to buy EVERYTHING!" stage. After the flood and losing all of my shoes/jackets, I've been trying to find ways to wear what I DID save. That's why I wear flats every day. I am not a shoe person. Never have been, probably never will be. I'd rather buy cardigans and dresses all day everyday and wear the same pair of shoes until I die. I also kindly said that there are plenty of fashion blogs out there with incredibly diverse wardrobes and styles.. maybe those would be more fitting for that person. I don't consider my blog a fashion blog at all. That's not why I'm here. I also just realized that I've typed like a million sentences but I've failed to actually say anything. I often think about doing something "different"... maybe boots (but most don't fit me well)... maybe scarves (the only ones I've liked thus far is the one I'm wearing here)... maybe pants (but who am I kidding? I hate pants). I honestly feel totally fine in my dresses and cardigans. I honestly own 3 pairs of flats (all black) and 2 pairs of boots (leather fringe cowboy boots). I don't wear heels (I lost them all in the flood anyway). Redundant or not, my blog doesn't exist solely for showing my clothes. But if you have any suggestions of things you think might look neat or nice or just a fun experiment, don't hesitate to send them my way. (But do realize that I have sort of pigeon-holed myself in my style and my music choices haha. Just like my clothes... if you don't have the same sorts of taste and aesthetic as I do, you may find my choices to be lacking. I just find them to be finely-curated haha).

That wasn't meant to be that long-winded, but I'm running out of battery life at Panera and I can't bother going back and editing (lazy bee alert!). Hopefully the moral of the story that was received was me being open to suggestions of things to try, but only what is pre-existing in my closet. My priorities have changed dramatically since the flood and I just can't find it in me to go shopping like I used to. It's wasteful and a bit ridiculous haha. But I also realize that I need to grow as a person and with my style... so I'm open to change! For once! haha 

While I'm here, I might as well leave you with two pictures of my little loves. Georgia needs a manicure STAT, that's for sure. Aren't they precious though? I'm thankful for them every single day! 

Hopefully tonight proves to be a better night at work than last night... I go in at 9pm and I was cut at 11. (Would've been sooner but Mike was working the door until then). I made a whopping $6 in 2 hours! (The least, by far, that I have ever ever ever ever made). Of course our tab was $6 so I left with $0 haha. It's a testament to just how finicky a job in bartending can be. One night I'm making bank, the next proves to be incredibly difficult. Tis life! xo

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