Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scariest Day of My Life...

I don't even know how to preface this entry without bawling hysterically. My Literature class ended early and I headed to the VisCom building to work for a little while. I left not too long after and headed home. Pipkin stays in her kennel upstairs while we are gone so she can be housebroken. Georgia stays downstairs and pretty much lays on the couch all day. After putting all of my stuff down I went upstairs to get Pip and take her potty. I opened the door and lost it. Pip had wiggled her way through her kennel somehow and got her head caught outside. She was just lying there... motionless. I thought for sure she was dead. I frantically ripped open her kennel and she just fell in my hands. I was screaming bloody murder as I ran downstairs with her in my arms. I rushed to get my phone and she was so limp. I grabbed my purse, rushed to the car, put her in my lap and called Mike three times and he finally answered (he was at work). All I could muster was "YOU HAVE TO COME HOME RIGHT NOW! COME HOME!" Well, imagine that with absolutely no coherence and speeding like crazy to the emergency vet. I mapped one on my phone and luckily it was half a mile down the street. I sped into a parking spot and ran inside with her. The lady at the desk got off the phone real quick and took her from me. I could barely stand up. I can't tell you how close to dead I thought she was. I have no idea how long she had been caught in her kennel. 

I had to fill out some paperwork after the vet attendant gave me my own room (I was hysterical in that place! Seriously). I couldn't even read what I was writing. The vet came in and assured me that he was taking care of her. I was sitting there roughly 30 minutes or so before Mike got there and then we both just bawled. The vet came in and told me she was doing better... that she was alive. She had an IV, oxygen, and a steroid shot. After about an hour he came in and brought her. She was walking.. sort of. She was sort of stumbling around. She was drugged up so she wasn't fully coherent. She also had a very very very swollen neck. She was responsive though! This was good! He told us his biggest fear was brain damage. I kept going over it in my head. Brain damage or not, I would love her all the same. He let us take her home then without any medicine and said to keep her bundled up and resting. After 2 hours of resting/sleeping on the couch, she has perked up, is totally responsive, and just took the toy shovel from Georgia! She also just crawled over into my lap. I'm even crying as I'm typing this because I was so  afraid that we had lost her. 

I don't know what that vet did but he saved her life. She's almost back to 100% and she's only been home 2 and a half hours. She's drinking water, walking around, playing... 

I couldn't even stomach the thought of losing her. She has become such a vital and important part of this family. My heart has never hurt as bad as it did today (except when Bert passed away). We kept looking for signs of brain damage, but she's perking her ears up at everything and coming when called, so we're crossing our fingers that she's going to make a full recovery. If you follow me on twitter and tweeted kind words our way, they are so appreciated and adored. Today has been a rough day.

She's our little miracle pup and I think that it has a lot to do with the positive thoughts and prayers sent our way. It scares me to think about having kids because I know things like this happen. It was no one's fault and Pip is just very ambitious. We thought we had avoided all of these possibilities by never kenneling her with a harness but oh puppies! They find their way into everything! 

Words cannot express how blessed I feel to be writing that she's okay and watching her play on the couch beside me. She's still a little bit loopy but that's just her personality! I definitely keep having these thoughts of "What if I hadn't left school when I did? What if I had come home earlier? Could I have prevented this? What if I didn't come home until later?" but I'm trying to not let the "what ifs" get me down. The truth of the matter is that she's here now, she's healthy, and she's loved loved loved. (Georgia just laid down beside her and put her nose to Pip's! I love my girls!)

Now we're going to spend some family time together and play around. I'll be back tomorrow. xo

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